Geena Dunne

Founder & CEO, The Cova Project

Geena is the young and passionate Founder and CEO of The Cova Project. Geena began her work as a global change-maker tackling the issue of period poverty in 2018, after working for a charity in Namibia and witnessing first-hand the unaffordability of sanitary products. Geena now dedicates her life to providing sustainable solutions to that issue.

Thursday 4 August 2022 TFN Virtual Live

The Cova Project

The Cova Project provides menstrual cups and menstrual health education to girls and women in developing communities in Liberia, Ghana, Uganda and Malawi. They do this to combat the global issue of “period poverty”. Period Poverty refers to the unaffordability and lack of access to basic sanitary products experienced by millions of women. It leads to girls dropping out of school, absenteeism when menstruating, reduced participation in life and diminished self worth, resulting in another barrier towards equality.

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